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Steampunk Bathroom Decor

Steampunk is a design style (but not only) derived from science fiction, where the imagined world perfectly masters the art of creating machines that run on steam. With elements borrowed from the Victorian era steam-based machinery, non-electronic computing machines and more, the Steampunk style can compliment any type of home and give it a little edge. If you’re trying to learn how to decorate your bathroom using steampunk decor elements, here’s what you need to look for.

Opt for copper or brass bathroom furniture

The key features of each house that are decorated in the Steampunk style are metal objects. In fact, heavy metal and the illusion of a 19th century technology is what defines this style. In addition, thanks to Gothic influences, each room is given much attention in terms of details. In the bedroom it is relatively difficult to implement these changes, especially as this style is in opposition to current trends but in bathrooms it is relatively simple. The plumbing components can be left out in the open, so don’t try to paint them over and ruin their edgy appearance. You can also consider opting for sinks and tubs made of copper or any other metal. If you decide to invest in a copper tub or shower, consider opting for a red, gold or brown shower curtain, one that will match either the tub or shower.

Small things-big difference

Decorating a steampunk bathroom is not that easy as it may seem. However, there are some tips that you can follow in order to achieve that perfect modern yet gothic look. In a steampunk design you can use objects that are replicas of airships, compasses, vintage aviator glasses, levers, clock mechanisms, replica steam engines etc, but also modern elements redrawn in this manner, such as clocks for example. Keep in mind that you don’t have to buy new bathroom cabinets in the steampunk style. You can easily change only the handles of cabinets and your bathroom furniture will look brand new. Think about using materials for the handles such as copper, brass and iron.

Lighting is very important

When it comes to planning a steampunk design for your bathroom, you need to carefully choose the lighting fixtures because they play a huge role in designing a bathroom. Moreover, because dark colors are most often used when painting the walls or changing the flooring, you need to add several lamps in order to ensure that the space doesn’t look gloomy and depressing. There are various different types of lamps designed in the steampunk style, and most of them you can find online, so take your time to look for modern and cool steampunk light fixtures.

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