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Retro Kitchen Decor

The retro style is perfect for those who want to have a clean and tidy kitchen with a joyful air and decorated with pastel colors that give it a refreshing look. Retro kitchens combine vintage items like distressed glass cabinets, hardwood furniture painted in strong and paste colors, floral prints and vintage cookware. For retro style lovers who want to refresh their kitchens, here are some retro kitchen décor ideas that will turn their kitchen into the most beautiful room in their house.

    • This is a retro kitchen idea that perfectly combines shabby chic items with a worn aspect into a place full of colors and textures. The clean air is kept by the light colors on the walls and the aged white paint on the kitchen’s furniture. The main color used is pink and you can find it in the chair’s upholstery, in the roses-decorated Chinaware, in the delicate fabrics, and in the appliances.
    • If you prefer a kitchen that is sweet and delicate without resembling the shabby chic style, you can opt for a light green shade for the furniture combined with walls that keep the room clear and fresh. What highlights the retro style in this kitchen is the stainless steel stove with vintage knobs, the hanging cookware, and the carefully chosen decorations.
    • An all-white kitchen furniture can perfectly match a retro kitchen as long as you know which appliances to choose. You can’t go wrong with this neat white kitchen equipped with turquoise appliances that belong to the same manufacturer that offers customers a whole range of retro appliances. Paint the walls in the same turquoise shade to create a mix of colors with the white furniture and let the retro appliances do the magic.
    • If you like to, you can combine the retro style with other styles to create a genuine kitchen décor with an interesting aspect. This retro kitchen décor is brought very close to the modern style with the straight lines furniture, the futuristic bar stools, and the lampshades. However, the retro style is still kept through the retro appliances, the stylish faucet, the floor tiles, the combination of colors and the decorations that fill the space.
    • This is another idea of a kitchen interior that proves how easily you can achieve a retro kitchen décor by simply knowing how to combine textures and colors. The clean wooden cabinets are beautifully completed by the stainless steel stove and hood while the refrigerator is hidden behind cabinet doors. It is a simple, yet effective retro kitchen design enhanced by the decorations and appliances.

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