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How to Turn Your Backyard into a Secret Garden

Unlike front yards, backyards have the advantage of offering you endless decoration possibilities and the chance of turning them into a personal area where you can feel at ease. If you are tired of the common landscaping ideas and you want a complete transformation for your backyard, consider turning it into a secret garden that can become your fairy tale land. Here are some decorating ideas to help you create the most beautiful and unique secret garden design.

Highlight the entrance to the secret garden

To create the feeling of isolation and mystery, build some gates that once open, will reveal your amazing secret garden. Depending on the design you want to create, you can build rough iron gates that will match a stylish and luxurious garden, some wooden gates that will match a comfortable design or a plant arch to match a gorgeous natural background.

Create layers of greenery

Once you get past the gates of your secret garden, it must reveal its charm and attract you into discovering it. Being a garden, make sure you adorn it with many plants and trees that enhance its beauty. Create layers of trees and bushes that hide the decorations and invite you to walk forward and discover what it has to offer.

Build a swing bed in the center of the garden

The icing on your secret garden can be a swing bed placed in the middle of the garden and decorated with multiple pillows. Hang the bed from a solid surface and use delicate laces and veils to create a canopy to make the bed look like it is floating.

Design various areas along the secret garden

Among the layers of bushes, create various spaces that hold their own meaning and purpose, like a coffee area where you and your family can relax on a large sofa with a coffee table in front of it, or a playground for the kids. Delimit the spaces using tiles, small fences, and colorful pebbles and make sure they reflect your tastes and your needs. Remember that a garden is meant to be a place of relaxation and that you have to design it in such way that it will be a functional area.

Use mirrors to create illusions

Mirrors can help you create the image of a maze if you place them in strategic points among the plants in the garden. Choose large mirrors that will be very easy to notice, frame them in large frames with impressive details and either hang them from the trees or lean them on the fences.

Place a fountain to enhance the aspect of the secret garden

A fountain can help you create the feeling of an oasis in your secret garden and the water’s murmur will make the place look mystical and surreal. The fountain doesn’t need to be large and imposing if the garden is not very big.

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