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How to Design a Home Bar for Your Living Room

If you want to transform your living room and make it stand out, you can make a daring move and decide on building a home bar right in the area. If you already have a home bar in your living room, then you can draw inspiration from the next article and design it in a way that will complement the overall design of the room. So, let’s get it started.

Decide on what style and size would go well in your living room

You can opt for a small bar or a round, square or rectangle bar depending on what goes well in the living room and what fits your needs and individual preferences more. Of course, to complete the d├ęcor, you need shelves for bottles and glasses, and chairs, all from the same theme so that everything is in perfect harmony.

Decorative lighting

Light also matter very much when decorating a home bar. You can choose to have a few accent spots directly on your furniture, some small lamps that can sit on your bar or try to make your own DIY lamps. If you want a more intimate atmosphere, buy yourself some colored lights that change them whenever you want to feel like disco. Hanging lights are a perfect match to create unique atmosphere.

Bar tools and barware sets

Storage shelves and a mini fridge for drinks are other items that need to be taken into account when creating a home bar. Regarding the shelves, they are necessary for storing beverages and bar tools. In addition, a kitchen bar will not look as it should, if the main elements are not there. So make sure to invest in a proper set of barware, so that you can impress your friends by showing them your acquired mixology skills. There are plenty of cocktail recipes online, so you can draw inspiration from there and make delicious and refreshing cocktails, regardless of the time of the year. After all, the best part about having a home bar rather than having one installed outdoors is that you can use it all the time, without having to stay out in the cold.

Choose well the main pieces of furniture

In terms of colors, follows the general trend of your living room and kitchen. Use a wooden countertop that will blend in with other furniture items from your living room. The seats can be the main attraction of the bar, if chosen correctly. You can opt for contrasting colors, such as orange, red or yellow or opt for a barstool with a wooden back rest. If you choose a chair with a wooden back rest, you must ensure that it matches the color of the bar.

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