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High End Tower Fans that Will Cool Your Home without Ruining Your Decor

Nowadays, most of the home appliances and devices we buy are designed to combine functionality and looks so that they blend into the decor of your home without ruining it. The same thing works for the tower fan models you find available, from which some look more like decorating objects than they look like air cooling devices. The following examples are the living proof that you can purchase high-end towers fans that cool your home without ruining your decor.

Titano A55KX Tower Fan

This stylish unit comes in a silver satin and black finish, with a delicate grid on the front and a large LCD screen that displays the room temperature. Its controls are conveniently placed on the top so you can have easy access to the settings and there is also a remote for operating it from a distance. You can choose from 5 speed settings and you can set it to work during a certain interval due to the integrated digital timer. The large and solid base ensures maximum stability while the tower fan oscillates to spread the cool air on a wider surface.

Ozeri 3x Tower Fan

Perhaps one of customers’ favorite, the Ozeri 3x tower fan uses the latest technologies to ensure excellent results in delivering cool air. It’s available in 3 finish choices to match any interior design without looking out of place, so either the black and chrome, the silver or the white version will surely match your interior design. This sleek-looking fan has three blades that uses an advanced technology to reduce the noise and offer up to 9 levels of silent cool air.

Dyson – AM07 Tower Fan

According to the towerfan.reviews website, and countless customer reviews, the Dyson – AM07 is the best tower fan that you can find nowadays. Dyson fans are a true innovation in the tower fan industry due to their interesting shape that is the secret to their cutting-edge operating. What this high-end tower fan does is draw the surrounding air into the air flow and multiply it, resulting in cool air without the need for blades spinning. The variety of sizes and color combination make this tower fan one of the most versatile options available, but the price is to match their stunning design.

Bionaire Bladeless Tower Fan

Similar to how the Dyson fans work, this Bionaire model also uses the innovative bladeless technology with smooth air flow that manages to cool your home. The aspect is also very interesting, looking more like a vase or a sculpture, so it could easily be mistaken by a decorating object. This tower fan also includes an oscillating feature that increases the air-spreading area and it allows you to set the intensity of the air current.

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