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Fusion Interior Design

The fusion style is one of the latest trends in fashion, music and interior design. The fusion interior design style establishes unexpected connections between cultures, styles and different technologies.
The word fusion (which means blending, mixing) simply consists in mixing different elements.If you are trying to learn more on how to remodel and decorate your house in the fusion style, we’ve gathered a useful guide that will help you achieve just that. So, let’s get started.


The fusion style best reflects the preferences and tastes of people as well as their lifestyle and needs. Harmony is an important aspect that must be kept in mine when it comes to changing or improving the interior design of a house. The word refers to all the components that make up the arrangement – color, material, shape, texture, structure. All these aspects have to create a whole in a home: home decor items must perfectly all fit together in order to convey emotion and aesthetics.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

It goes without saying that the fusion style is not for everyone. However, if you feel that it may represent you, know that the key is to have the courage to experiment new things and to be creative. Don’t be afraid to work with textures, stylish decor, furniture with unusual shapes, textiles and upholstery. In fact, fusion style is based on creative ideas, unconventional solutions; it can be cheap, but surprisingly elegant and attractive.

Burst of color

If you want to bring the fusion interior design style into your home consider using bright and bold colors when painting the walls, furniture or decorating the room, such as green, pink, turquoise, red, yellow or orange. But do not forget about harmony while combining these colors.

Use rich fabrics

In order to create an unique, personal and elegant fusion style for your interior space consider mixing colors, but also modern, ethnic, retro and traditional materials etc. Fusion plays a very important role in interior designs. You can try opting for pillows with lively prints and Persian carpets because they fit perfectly in this style.

Anything can be combined

The best thing about designing your house in the fusion style is that you can combine almost everything together: pastel colors with bright colors, wood and metal of different colors and textures, different motifs and prints. You can simultaneously use multiple light sources: chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, furniture lighting to create several light accents.

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