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Different destinations for converted lofts


Maybe it’s time to consider using that space in your loft and turn it into a stunning element of your home. Not only you will increase the available space, but you will increase its market value as well. Also, if you are the creative type of person, thinking about the opportunities offered by an extension of this kind boosts your creativity even more. From a roof living room, to an entertainment area, to an at-home bar or even some extra bedrooms, they are all realistic destinations for this type of addition. And since loft extensions by Tailored Lofts in East London are so hype right now, maybe it’s time for you to proceed with that extra room you always dreamed of.

1. At-home cinema room

Movie enthusiasts already see what a great opportunity having a loft extension is for them. A large flat screen, a couple of comfortable sofas and some beanbags and, why not a handy popcorn machine, are great items that can bring your converted loft to a true cinema theatre for your family and friends to enjoy. This is the most affordable version of a home theatre, and it will provide high levels of comfort and the perfect way for spending more quality time with your loved ones.

2. A nursery and children’s room

Expecting parents know for sure the problems raised by limited space. Of course, if you plan on having a loft extension, you could easily turn it into a nursery, since the space offered is a fairly generous one. It is a bit distant from the rest of the rooms in the house, offering a quiet and peaceful environment where your baby could take all its naps in silence. On the other hand, it is close enough from the master bedroom for parents to quickly reach their children if necessary. As they grow, you can turn the nursery into a simple bedroom for them, with plenty of room for reading, making homework, playing and sleeping.

3. A library for rainy afternoons

If you are the type of person fascinated by libraries like we are, than you understand completely our suggestion. Surround you with your favourite books, a gorgeous vintage desk, a round table and a couple of chairs where to enjoy your afternoon tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and experience what you eagerly wished for your entire existence. Some well-deserved me-time will be spent here, we anticipate.

4. A master bedroom for more privacy

Fact is, after children are born the privacy levels also decrease. These little explorers “invade” our space, making a little time spent exclusively with our partner nearly impossible. Fact is loft extensions make great master bedrooms. Because they are a little farther from your children’s room, chances are they will avoid going up there so often. Place an enormous bedroom, a couple of armchairs and a vanity table. Gaze at the stars if this is what you enjoy doing with your partner. Now you have the privacy you both need.


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