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Book Themed Nursery Decor

Is it a boy or a girl? When the parents find out the answer, preparations must be made. From picking clothes, to picking names, the nine months before the baby appears are full of planning and preparation. The nursery has to be decorated in a way that resembles the gender of the child. No one wants a baby girl in a blue nursery, or a baby boy in a pink nursery. One of the best themes for nurseries is by far the book based theme. It provides more options, no matter the gender of the baby, and it allows the parent to pick a universe for their newborn to be raised in, one that they also loved as children.

Themes for the nursery if you are expecting a girl

Even if some men are disappointed when they find out their child is going to be a girl, once the little one is born, they fall in love again instantly. They want a boy to play soccer with, and have little battles with toy soldiers. And what woman doesn’t want a little princess to raise after her own image? Girls are delicate and sweet by nature, so for baby girls it’s probably better to choose a (theme like Cinderella, for example. The crib could be shaped to look like the famous princess’ carriage. A pink thematic as shown in the picture with the Cinderella themed nursery is the best choice for a baby girl. No matter what book inspires you to decorate the nursery of your baby girl, make her look like a princess in her own little palace.

Themes for the nursery if you are expecting a boy

The results came in, it’s a boy! Make the nursery pleasant for the little tyke by making it look like an adventure book you love. The thematic of the nursery should be based on a book that most probably the father still loves, one filled with adventure and fighting, a book where the brave knight in shiny armor saves the princess in distress. The walls must be decorated with the color blue, because it represents boys the best in our modern ideology about babies. Nothing girly, like pink, or too plain, like white. The first thing we see, the colors we grow up with, even if we are not aware of it, they influence us, so raise that boy to be a risk taking man, that is brave and never backs down.

Wacky nursery themes

Let’s make it a little more interesting. Even if it’s a boy, a girl, or twins of opposite genders, you can also make a bold choice and go with a book themed nursery that is lesser used by others. The best example I think is a comic book hero themed nursery. It’s not important what gender the baby is; it applies to all, and it’s very out of the ordinary. Make your newborn a Superman, Batman, or even a Hulk themed nursery, or whatever hero comes to your mind, and it’s surely going to be a hit. You can play with this theme and round up as many superheroes from different comic book universes as you want. After all that baby, or those babies, are your little heroes, so let them raise in a room inspired by heroes also. This is also a great theme because the room can remain the same even when the baby grows up. Except for the crib, that will be replaced by a bed, the room can stay the same if the child wants it, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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