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3 things to know before buying a sewing machine  


A sewing machine is a useful tool when you want to make home decorations by yourself. Deciding to buy a sewing machine is easy, but the tough part is when you have to choose what type is good for your needs. The first step of the buying process is to decide how much you want to spend on purchasing it, and after that you can search online for the best sewing machine reviews.

Types of sewing machines

There are mechanical sewing machines, electronic sewing machines, computerized sewing machines or overlockers. The mechanical ones are the basic types of sewing machines, and are not operated by electricity. The tailor has to use a wheel to get the bobbin and the needle to move. They are appropriate for beginners, and can perform zigzag stitches or straight ones. Electronic ones are powered by an electric motor and are operated by a foot pedal. This type of sewing machines have lots of stitch programs, and the user can switch between functions or stitches only by pressing a button. They have additional features as one-step buttonholes, decorative stitches or built-in needle threaders. This type is good for intermediate or advanced users. Computerized sewing machines are the sophisticated versions of this type of devices and they can produce over 200 different stitches, and have as a plus embroidery patters can be created with their help. On some models the user can design his own stitches or embroidery patterns. This type of machines is used by experienced tailors. Overlockers are finishing machines which are used by the persons who create their own clothes. This model is perfect to finish the edge, sew a seam or trim the excess fabric.

Tips to maintain it

When you buy a sewing machine, it comes with a manual which explains you how to care and maintain it, wind the bobbin or thread the machine. Most of them are equipped with a brush that the buyer uses to fuzz around the feed dogs and from the bobbin case. It is not recommended to use an air compressor, because this can blow the fuzz back inside the machine. Sometimes it may need a dab of oil, but this is viable only for the machines which came with an oil supply in the package.

Types of machine needles 

When you buy a sewing machine, you also need to purchase some needles, and these ones are of several types. Before buying them, make sure to check what size of needles your machine needs. There are universal needles, which can be used to stitch synthetic or natural fabrics and come in different sizes. Also, you can purchase ball point needles, which can be used on knitted fabrics and spandex. There are some specific ones like embroidery, metallic, or sharp needles.

Having these three things in mind, when planning to buy a sewing machine will help you to purchase a quality one, that best fits your needs. Keep in mind that this type of devices is one that can be passed on the future generation of your family and there is a wide assortment from which you can choose.

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